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Ask Bill Ringle

Professional Highlights

Since my time at Apple as the Internet Program manager for Worldwide Training, I've:

  • Started 3 companies and 5 brands successfully. 

  • Prepared 218+ early stage tech company leaders to raise angel round funding, resulting in more than $200 MM secured.

  • Published or contributed to four books, with two more forthcoming.

  • Launched My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders that now has over 400 episodes sharing strategies, tips and stories from interviews with top, published thought leaders, listened to each week in the United States, Canada, and 30+ countries.

  • Produced 150 articles that have been published online, in print, and on private company intranet portals. Have also developed and delivered courses in person, online, and in hybrid format.

  • Served as an officer on 3 non-profit and several private company boards.

"Don't let your personal limits become the limits of your business growth." – Bill Ringle

Here's How to Get Started

Join me and listen to My Quest for the Best, the podcast for Ambitious Small Business Leaders. Each week, you'll hear me interview a published business leader or expert — like Dan Pink, Dorie Clark, Scott Belsky, or a thought leader on the rise — who shares their their stories, strategies, methods, and tools.

Recommended Tools

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About Bill Ringle

Bill Ringle is a business growth strategist who advises senior managers of privately held, high tech businesses on how to build high performance teams in record time and to create a work culture where people thrive by making their most valuable contributions with far less drama and noise.

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