LinkedIn Profile Assessment

    The key goals become the filter for evaluation.
    Professionally-taken headshots make for the best Linked photos. Present yourself in your best light, in a professional or studio background, without visual distractions. Convey the energy and presence someone would experience meeting you.
    The Tagline is not only the first chance you get to describe who you are to your prospects, but it also provides an opportunity to push an idea or add an essential keyword.
    The summary is the opportunity to introduce yourself and tie all elements into one cohesive element. It’s also your chance to pitch prospective clients.
    Work Experience is essential because it proves how you can be an asset to your prospect. It should be easy to navigate, with links back to company pages so prospects have a point of reference.
    Education is something that can set you apart. If you have a degree from accredited university, it should be listed, along with a link back to the organization, especially if the school isn’t well known.
    Being involved with relevant groups increases your visibility and gives you a higher chance to connect with potential prospects.
    Projects/Publications are additional elements which show how you’ve applied your skills in a practical manner. This is a chance to expound on work experience with real-world examples.
    Choosing what skills you add to your profile is a highly-selective process. Skills listed allow prospects to find your profile when searching for a solution to their problem or need.
    Endorsements are recommendations from colleagues or clients that describe your expertise, results, reliability, etc. The best endorsements are from role-equivalent peers, whether you are seeking​ a career change or business development.
    By not filling out all the contact information, or by failing to do it wisely, you are making it difficult for your prospects to get in touch with you.
  • What are the highlights and areas of improvement to focus on to improve this profile?