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Each week, I gets dozens of messages from business leaders writing and asking for advice, to
"pick my brain," or "bounce around an idea."

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As chair of the Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures program and as a senior advisor to Ben Franklin Technology Partnership of PA, I've worked directly with founders to raise over $200 million dollars, and even if you're not raising money, the experience I've had with founders and leadership teams can be invaluable to growing and scaling your business.

My specialty is gaining insights and providing direction for leaders of teams. If you are being drawn into being the referee with turf fights, you're not able to spend time envisioning the company 3 years from today.

If you're wondering why your churn rate is rising even as your second in command swears that they're working on it…for months!... your distraction is justified and you shouldn't avoid the hard decisions ahead any longer. Let me help you be more successful without delay. This is your responsibility.

At Apple, I was manager of worldwide training, where I made great connections and learned about creating and delivering world class training and professional development experiences.

At Wharton, I led initiatives that got its program listings to the top of Google rankings and soaked in critical lessons for structuring companies to scale and business deals to succeed.

In the 20 years since, I've launched and grown two companies and built three successful brands with over 100 client engagements, from DuPont and NASA to companies with a few dozen talented employees looking for help as they navigate the growth curve.

Participants have told me that they have found this to be super valuable in order to:

  • Gain clarity before making a strategic decision or a significant announcement
  • Reassign responsibilities of a senior manager/direct report or another organizational change move
  • Prepare for or otherwise rehearse a big call/meeting
  • Understand how due diligence representative for an investor 
  • Strengthen a policy initiative
  • Collaborate on how to better deploy underutilized business assets or capabilities

Bill would be able to listen, ask a few questions, and come up with insights that really made a difference, whether it was with a strategy decision, go-to-market opportunity, or de-risking a new venture. He has a way of putting things into perspective and a knack for breaking complex problems down and giving you a roadmap. Bill is an invaluable asset to any technology leader.


Nitin Kahnna

CEO, Archer Insights

I highly recommend Bill for any company who is looking for a talented person to help them with things such as marketing strategies, product positioning, company presentations, and overall good judgement regarding personnel and the organization.

Bret Dunlap

Founder & President, Fintegra

Often senior leaders of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) don't have a relationship in which they can say what's on their mind to a work colleague that won't worry them (that start of succession planning or due diligence), stress them out (expansion, re-organization), or concern them (a trusted direct report might be stealing, gambling, or abusing a substance).

Three things that this is call is NOT:

  • It is NOT a laundry list of superficial decisions. It is a deep dive into a single issue that has important consequences for you or the business.
  • It is NOT a substitute for a more involved consulting engagement or transformative coaching work.
  • It is NOT a sales call in disguise. That's why you pay in advance. No disguised upsells like what we sometimes are bombarded with on LinkedIn by new connections. My focus and objective is that you get 3X value from your investment.

    Note: you can copy and paste the special code: "claritycall" in Step 2 for a reduced rate as a reward for your close reading of this page. The regular rate is posted in the instructions below.

3 Steps to Book Your Business Growth Acceleration Call


Step 1 - Book a Time

Select date and time that is mutually convenient. Use the online calendar below, which allows you to see two months ahead. Often these calls are booked 2-4 weeks out.


Step 2 – Make Payment

Make payment to lock in your consult appointment.

The current fee for this single-issue consult service is $600.


Step 3 – Share Objectives

Answer some questions about the business, your goals, and the current situation. This will serve as a valuable starting point to help prepare for a successful outcome.

  • Often these calls are booked 2-4 weeks out.
  • Your consult is guaranteed to get the best of Bill Ringle's ideas, experience, and resources focused on your situation to improve your situation.
  • As part of this service, you will receive follow-up access for 30 days afterward.

Step 1 – Book a Time

1. Select your day. Click one of the available dates on the calendar to the right. Navigate with the arrow for the next month if no dates are available in the current month.

2. Select your time. All times listed are Eastern Time (based in Philadelphia, PA), so be sure to adjust for your time zone. 

3. Add your name and email. You will receive a confirmation email once the appointment and situation is reviewed and accepted.

Guarantee: If for any reason what you are asking for is not a situation that I believe I can add value toward clarity, a resolution, or a new solution, your fee will be refunded and your spot will be opened to another client.

Next: In Step 2, you may make payment to secure your reserved time with a credit card using Stripe.

October 2023