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Modern Leadership with Jake Carlson

By Bill Ringle

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About the interview:

Bill Ringle is a master delegator, a former Apple executive, and the author of four books, including his newest Grow Business Now. Bill is on a mission to help overwhelmed managers become admired leaders, growing and scaling companies by mastering focus, integrity, delegation, and systems. He is the host of the top-rated My Quest for the Best podcast.

About the host:

Jake is an attorney, recognized business leader, inspiring presenter, and popular podcast host. A natural storyteller who loves listening to your story and exploring what matters most to you.
Jake began his career in the nonprofit sector as Associate Regional Director and then National Major Gifts Counsel, an in-house tax counsel position, with the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation. In these positions, he was first introduced to the idea of leaving not just your valuables but your values to the people you love most.
Jake has personally presented to over 200 groups in 27 states on estate planning and protecting your legacy and authored over 100 leadership articles on influence, legacy, family vision, and the Values-Based Estate Planning process. As host of the Modern Leadership Podcast and Family Before Fortune Podcast since 2014, he has interviewed hundreds of recognized executives.

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Modern Leadership with Jake Carlson


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