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Out Of Your Comfort Zone with Wanda Wallace

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Click to listen to the full interview: Mastering Delegation for Business Leaders with guest expert Bill Ringle

About the interview:

All leaders need to create greater leverage by delegating more effectively. That isn’t news, yet most leaders struggle to delegate effectively and consistently. What does it take, and how can you get better at delegating? Tune in for answers.

About the host:

As an accomplished keynote speaker and Managing Partner of Leadership Forum, LLC, I coach and facilitate improving leadership by improving the quality of conversations – helping women and men advance, stick and thrive. My most recent work has been on helping managers break out of being the expert and build truly inclusive cultures. This work is captured in my latest book “You Can’t Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise.” I host a weekly radio show and podcast: Out of the Comfort Zone. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter @AskWanda.

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