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Listen to the full interview: Bill Ringle On How To Approach Leadership And Communication Better

About the interview:

Communication is a powerful tool; effective leadership knows how to use the different channels to connect with your team better. Joining Tony Martignetti today is Bill Ringle, the CEO and Chief Growth Officer of LearnWell, and My Quest for the Best podcast host. Bill has worked with several leaders and founders with a mission to transform leaders and their teams to unlock the growth potential of their business. In this episode, Bill highlights the value and importance of using written communication in the workplace, given the circumstances surrounding remote and virtual work. He discusses the emergence of emotional flatness, the dangers of burnout, and ways leaders can mitigate such phenomena in their organizations. Don’t miss the insights from this episode and tune in as Bill also shares the flash points in his life that helped carve the path he’s on today.

About the host:

Tony Martignetti is a leadership coach, entrepreneur, idea generator, people connector, and curious adventurer who brings together practical experience, formal training, and extreme curiosity, to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate change.

Tony loves helping people find clarity in their lives so they are energized, fully present, and unstoppable. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, they impact and inspire everyone around them. He has dedicated himself to helping people live a life of inspired purpose.

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